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Climbing up Kilimanjaro - Walk Amongst the Angels

It has been two years since our daughter became our angel. Not a minute goes by that we don’t think of her silly humor and her giggling moments with her siblings. What used to be our normal Friday family night, where everyone would enjoy a movie and feel comfort in silence is no longer there. Our wish is for our children to maintain the innocence they had prior to our tragedy. For us, it would be a blessing for them to have that moment again, but the odds are not in our favor.

As parents we should be the guiding light for our families and rise up to inspire them and others to not let negativity bring them down. Rather, we strive to bring positivity in our lives and to encourage them to conquer anything that comes their way.

That being said, I Costa, Joanna’s dad, have decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with my sidekick George Isaakidis. It’s is the largest free standing mountain in the world. The purpose of this journey is to bring awareness of epilepsy and SUDEP.

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