50 Million

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions globally


Up to 50% of epilepsy related deaths are SUDEP

1 in 103

People are diagnosed with epilepsy

Due to our unfortunate tragedy, we have collaborated with the Cameron Boyce family to bring awareness and also find a cure for SUDEP and epilepsy. The common bond that we now share will hopefully pave the way for future therapeutic breakthroughs for this rare and unfamiliar diagnosis.

The proceeds for the foundation will be dispersed between the Cameron Boyce Foundation and family members with Epilepsy in dire financial needs. Our goal as parents is to find a cure, so that no other family will endure what we have experienced during these past two blurry and painful years. Many times I feel frustrated and helpless, because I cannot hug or kiss my child. However, I know that when I am at the peak of Kilimanjaro, Joanna will see how much her parents miss and love her. Even if I cannot physically see her, I know she will feel the infinite love of her parents. If it means to go across the world and climb a summit to bring awareness for everyone that passed from SUDEP, then so be it.